Stephen Darwin

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Higher Education, The Australian National University. Master of Education, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design, Deakin University, Australia. Bachelor of Arts (Humanities), Griffith University, Australia.

Áreas de interés

Educación superior, formación de docentes, formación profesional, diseño de aprendizaje.

Investigaciones y asesorías

Núcleo Milenio en Ciencias Sociales, 2018-2021. Experiencias de los Estudiantes de la Educación superior en Chile: ¿Por qué y para qué? Investigador adjunto. Editor Asociado, Higher Education Pedagogies.

Investigador responsable-FONDECYT de Iniciación en Investigación, 2017–2020 (Proyecto No.11170314). Strengthening student evaluative feedback as a catalyst for improving the quality of teaching and learning in Chilean universities.

Associate Researcher, FONDECYT project, Improving Collaboration between schools and universities to support more effectively pre-service teachers´ learning relationship. (2016).



Darwin, S. (2016) Student Evaluation—Reconceptualising the Student Voice. Springer Publications: Amsterdam. ISBN 978-3-319-41893-3.

Publicaciones de Web of Science

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Papeles de conferencia (* denota el papel arbitrado)

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Otras publicaciones

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