The roots of the School of Education can be found in the early beginnings of the Universidad Alberto Hurtado, founded in 1997, with the Education Research and Development Center (CIDE for its Spanish initials) as one of its bases. In 2006, the Department of Education (constituted in 2002) lays the foundation for what we know today as the School of Education.

Humanistic vocation and commitment to social justice

Our mission lays on the contribution to the construction of an educational system that represents a more just, inclusive, and democratic country, which ensures quality learning. This is done through research, initial and further teacher training, and the permanent connection with schools. In this way, the School of Education aligns itself with the Jesuit foundational inspiration of the University, rooted in its humanistic vocation and its commitment to social justice.

Wide offer of accredited programs

The School of Education offers seven accredited undergraduate programs. In addition, we provide four master’s degree, one doctorate, and several diploma programs and courses that rise from the needs of continuous training of education professionals.

Supported by the experience in research and work in schools, and with more than 50 years of history in the CIDE, the School is under permanent connection with schools, carrying out studies and research in teacher formation, educational leadership, educational inclusion, technical-professional education, and transition to working world.