The UAH School of Education develops different research lines directly linked to the problems of equity, inequality, and quality of the school system, in order to make a contribution to the educational system and public policies.

A contribution to the scientific development of the field of education

These lines consider pedagogical researches promoted from the different Departments which make up the School. The purpose of the research is to contribute to the scientific development on the field of Chilean and Latin American education and, especially, to contribute to the enhancement of the school system in view of social justice and equity of educational results of children and young people.

This experience allows, in turn, developing studies that contribute to the decision-making process for the design and evaluation of educational policies at national and international level.

Research Lines

  • Educational market and school system
  • Educational diversity and inclusion
  • Teachers and teacher training
  • Leadership and classroom
  • Education and work
  • Higher education

Programs and Research Groups

The School of Education has several research programs and study groups, whose purpose is to strengthen their research lines and generate new knowledge through the work of interdisciplinary teams that enable the generation of new study projects around related subjects.

Our programs have been approved by the Academic Council of the Universidad Alberto Hurtado Research and Postgraduate Vice-Chancellor’s Office


Teachers. Training and profession: new contexts, new challenges

Advanced Research on Education and Technical-Professional Training: Investiga EFTP

Transformations and tensions in the theoretical-political approximations of gender: articulation of university, activist, and institutional knowledge (GEDIS)


New Public Education Study Group (ONEP)

Senses of English teaching (SENDI)

Mabel Condemarín

Future of religious education in Chile (FERECH)