Seminario Language Assessment Principles and Instruments, connection to the classroom

Jueves 23 de noviembre 
18:00 a 20.00 hrs.

Sala A33
Almirante Barroso 10,
Metro Los Héroes.

Carlos Verdugo

Ester López

El Departamento de Inglés de la Facultad de Educación, le invitan al seminario

Language Assessment Principles and Instruments, connection to the classroom

Presenter: Salomé Villa Larenas, University of Lancaster, Universidad Alberto Hurtado.

In the field of language teaching, language assessment is usually a neglected area which does not receive much attention. Recent studies have revealed that language teachers do not seem to like the assessment part of their job (Herrerra & Macías, 2015), and that they tend to feel unprepared and insecure in their language assessment practices (e.g. Levy-Vered & Nasser-Abu, 2015).  In order to solve this issue, some researchers have accentuated the importance of connecting theory and practice in order to develop sound language assessment skills and to bring teachers closer to assessment and beat their scepticism about its application (Lam, 2015). This seminar aims to bridge language assessment theory and practice by connecting language assessment principles to practical consideration in the design of assessment instruments. The structure of the seminar is that of a workshop that hopes to create knowledge from the participation of its attendees.

Bio: Salomé Villa Larenas, PhD student from Lancaster University in Language Testing. MA in Applied Linguistics-Language Testing from Melbourne University. Language Teacher and Teacher Educator, and researcher with expertise in language testing and assessment.